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ZAZU Music Box ZOE


In stock

ZAZU Music Box Zoe the penguin is a sound machine, wireless speaker and nightlight in one. Zoe has 7 pre-set melodies such as heartbeat, white noise, nature sound, lounge and 3 soothing lullabies. Want to play something of your own? You can set the penguin in a wireless speaker mode and connect for example to Spotify (user name zazu-kids) and play your own music or fairy tale. Finally, Zoe has a nightlight with two brightness modes.

It switches off automatically after 20 minutes and the optional cry sensor enables Zoe to play the last played melody (only in pre-set mode). The penguin has a rechargeable battery and a USB cable is included.


  1. 7 different pre-set melodies such as heartbeat, white noise, lounge, ocean and 3 types of lullabies
  2. Compatible with selected playlists by ZAZU (Spotify, user name zazu-kids)
  3. Optional cry sensor
  4. Rechargeable battery and USB cable is included