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Tiny Love Super Mat Meadow Days


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Tiny Love Super Mat Meadow Days

  • Extra-large developmental playground that inspires baby’s curiosity and encourages the development of gross motor skills.
  • Adjustable stand-alone mirror helps engage baby and extend tummy time.
  • Easy to fold and carry product with numerous features and multiple indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Part of the Meadow Days™ Collection! Encouraging your baby’s development by inspiring Moments of Wonder™.


1. Engaging peek-a-boo tree

2. Playful soft textures

3. Mirror for extended tummy time

4. Tiny ring for attaching extra toy

5. Large button and soft handle for easy folding & carrying

6. Crinkly fox tail

7. Machine washable mat

8. Easy grasp carrot teether

9. Corduroy peek-a-boo pocket

10.Shiny satin ribbons

Age Tips

1-2 months

Lie next to your baby, cuddle him, talk to him. Enjoy the opportunity to get to know each other.

2-4 months

Encourage your baby to lie on her tummy by placing her facing one of the playmat’s figures. Point to it and say, “here’s a frog!” Rattle with the leaf to draw baby’s attention, or put the mirror in front of her and encourage her to look at it.