Theraline Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow Starry Sky
Theraline Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow Starry Sky
Theraline Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow Starry Sky
Theraline Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow Starry Sky
Theraline Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow Starry Sky

Theraline Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow Starry Sky


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Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow has a filling made of millions of micro beads which are as light as a feather. This amazing filling conforms to the shape of your body, no matter what position you are in, whether lying down or sitting up and, unusual for a pillow, it always remains firmly in place without giving way. It is antiallergenic, warm and breathable and can be washed at 60° C.

The most comfortable pillow for pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • X-long surface bends the way you like
  • Innovative flexible and stable filling
  • Feels like sand yet light as a feather
  • Comfortable support in any position
  • Pregnancy and baby feeding pillow combined

Theraline pillow covers are made of highly colour-fast and mercerized extra-soft twill or jersey cotton. All materials we use are accurately fitting, pre-shrunk and thus satisfy even the highest requirements regarding durability. Of course, all materials are free of harmful substances.

For a good night’s sleep

  • Relief for legs, belly and stressed back
  • Offers stable support for the pregnant body
  • Easy to change sleeping positions
  • Supportive pregnancy pillow ensures you feel safe and secure

The Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow keeps your legs and tummy cosy and snug – even your head and shoulders are supported. Our pregnancy and baby pillow is particularly beneficial during the last months of pregnancy when you may become more restless at night. You’ll experience less strain on your back and legs with Theraline’s pregnancy and baby feeding pillow. Thanks to Theraline you will no longer have to use all the pillows you own to get comfortable. Our pregnancy and baby feeding pillow is so versatile you can change position easily and comfortably.

The Original THERALINE® Maternity and Nursing Pillow measures approx. 190 x 38 cm and is filled with approx. 42 litres of odourless polystyrene micro beads. Depending on the usage polystyrene beads can become subject of volume shrinkage between 5% – 15%. However, this does not affect its functionality.

Why do I need a pregnancy and baby feeding pillow?

Most mums in Europe use a combined pregnancy and feeding pillow. Often this practical aid is bought during pregnancy or given as a gift prior to the baby’s birth. To quote from many online comments: When I was pregnant there was a time when every sleeping position was uncomfortable. I very quickly found the pregnancy and baby feeding pillows from Theraline. My tummy was supported and I was finally able to sleep through the night again. … It was a completely different sleeping feeling. The pillow suitable for use during pregnancy, is essential during breastfeeding and later on is great to use for reading or similar.” (Source: Online evaluation from

When should I buy a pregnancy and baby feeding pillow?

The best time is in the 6th – 7th month of your pregnancy. The earlier you use our pregnancy pillow, the earlier your tummy and legs will benefit from its great support and you’ll be able to relax. This in turn means you’ll get some much needed restful sleep!

How big should my baby feeding pillow be?

Size has it’s advantages during pregnancy and baby feeding. A pregnancy and feeding pillow can almost never be too big! The right degree of low-noise filling too is extremely important, so that it provides stable support and assured comfort in all positions. When lying down you will want your whole body supported and if you are breastfeeding, you will want a baby feeding pillow large enough to support both of you. Tip: If you are breastfeeding and would still like to use a baby feeding pillow when you’re out and about, consider choosing one of our smaller pillows, such as Theraline’s Plushy Moon.


Feel the difference!Touch and feel one of Theraline’s pregnancy or baby feeding pillows and you’ll see just how different they are from other pregnancy pillow brands around. Theraline’s pregnancy pillows are cuddly and cosy and the filling, (which is completely safe to use), is rustle-free and totally supportive for mums and babies everywhere.

And after the baby phase. . .

Our high quality products are manufactured extremely well and the extra thick colourfast covers are guaranteed to last for years. Even if you’re no longer pregnant and your baby is now a toddler or young child, you can still continue to use any one of our pillows for general R&R. Many families go on to buy additional pillows to use for reading, cuddling, watching TV and relaxing.

Why are Theraline’s pregnancy and baby feeding pillows No.1 in Europe?

Theraline offers many advantages; competitively priced products, the finest filling available, a huge collection of pregnancy and baby feeding pillows and a full range of covers to choose from. You can rest assured that the complete collection is safe to use and won’t emit any harmful vapours. Unlike Theraline, some pregnancy pillow manufacturers use cheap materials or don’t treat their bead filling properly. This can often result in the escape of harmful vapours or a pillow that smells quite strongly of chemicals. We strongly recommend that you protect yourself and your baby by being aware of these hazards. Before you purchase a baby feeding pillow also make sure you do a ‘sniff test’. This way you can check and see if the pillow smells of plastic or adhesives. If it does, you definitely should avoid buying it. Theraline’s pregnancy and baby feeding pillows are all free of smells and are the first products of their kind to have received a “Very Good” from German ÖKO-TEST® for the bead filling. All the pillows are completely safe and stamped with the TÜV seal for tested quality.

Product information:

External dimension: approx. 190 cm x 38 cm
Quantity of filling: approx. 42 Liter
Filling: Mikroperlen
Weight of pearls: 25 g/l
Alternate fillings:
Polyester / Spelt
Washable up to 60° C,
pre-shrunk, tumble dry