Theraline Cesarean Belt


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Theraline Cesarean Belt provides practical soft support. The C-Section-Belt is made of firm stretchy fabric. Two integrated elastics provide additional comfort even while bending down. The C-Belt can be tightened to create a soft support for the over stretched abdominal wall, without overloading the pelvic floor. Can be worn under or over the clothing.

 The Protective Shield

A lightweight 6.5″ x 4″ Shield protects the incision from infant kicking or unwanted banging and provides psychological reassure. Enjoy a more relaxed closeness with your baby and resume your normal daily activities with more confidence.

The Polyfiber Pillow- Supreme comfort 

Due to its precisely tailored shape and superior comfort, it is ideal for protecting the incision from rubbing under garments.

The Polyfiber Pillow can be combined with any of the other inserts as well. Together with the Shield it offers protection from kicking and enhances your comfort. Its insulating capacity can prolong and/or moderate the use of the Cherry Stone Pillow or Cool Pack.

The Cherry Stone Pillow – Perfect for warming

Enjoy tender warmness on your belly. The warming Cherry Stone Pillow will help to relax and comfort. Unlike a hot water bottle it offers gentle, dry warmth and never feels cold after loosing its temperature. Ideal for nighttime use! Thanks to the C-Belt it’s warming or cooling facilities can be used targeted on belly or back.

The Cold-Warm Compress –Ideal for cooling

The Cool Pack is perfect to cool the cesarean incision. Both Cherry Stone Pillow and Cold-Warm compress can be used for warming and cooling.

If you have had a caesarean you’ll feel protective of your scar and anxious of knocks and rubbing.  The Theraline Caesarean Belt is designed to protect, support & soothe in the weeks after the Caesarean, allowing mothers to quickly resume normal daily activities with more confidence.

The unique caesarean belt comes with 4 interchangeable inserts

The pack contains:

Caesarean Belt – Made of stretchy fabric, the belt provides practical soft support and has a pocket to hold the additional inserts.

Protective Shield insert – A lightweight protective plastic shield protects the scar from accidental bumps and provides reassurance

This allows new mothers to enjoy bonding with their baby and resume normal daily activities with more confidence.

Pillow insert – The pillow insert can be used with any of the other inserts to enhance comfort and protection.
Warm pack insert – After Caesarean birth, many mothers feel uncomfortable uterus contractions and the gentle warmth of the Cherry Stone Pillow soothes these contractions.
Cool pack insert – This can be used to soothe the swollen Caesarean scar and relieve pain and itching as well.

Protects the scar from:

Baby kicking
Playful children
Accidental bumps
Rubbing undergarments

Comforting & soothing:

Soft support for abdominal wall
Warm pillow for relaxation
Cool pack for pain and swelling

Provides reassurance:

Feeling of protection
Enables bonding through protected feeding, cuddling and carrying