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Vtech Safe & Sound 5 inch Video Baby Monitor VM5261


In stock

VTech Safe & Sound 5 inch Video Baby Monitor VM5261 is a monitor that is packed with functionality, making your baby monitoring experience hassle-free.

The VM5261 Monitor has a pan and tilt camera, capable of panning 270° and tilting 44°, the monitor also has an extra wide angle lens, offering a 170° viewing angle. These angles and a 2x digital zoom combined with the large high resolution  5″ colour display, give you the very best in video monitoring..covering all angles and in crystal clear quality. The unit has a 300-metre range, keeping you connected from anywhere in your home.

It has integrated infrared night vision that switches on automatically when it detects low light conditions, offering a seamless transition between night and day. The monitor can be left in a standby mode to conserve energy and will wake upon detecting a sound. There is a total of 9 sound detection LED indicator lights that will keep you informed when a noise is detected as well as showing the level of noise. A built-in temperature sensor monitors the temperature of a room and provides live feedback to your parent unit.


  • Depth: 26.5 MM
  • Height: 95.5 MM
  • Width: 164.5 MM
  • Age Range: Birth to 4 years
  • Group: Group 0+
  • High Resolution 5″ Color LCD
  • Pan 270/Tilt 44 degree + 2x zoom
  • Extra Wide angle view lens (170 degree view)
  • Automatic infrared night vision
  • Temperature Sensor
  • 4 x Nature sounds and 5 x Lullabies
  • 2-way Communication
  • Vibrating Sound Alert
  • Level sound indicator