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Safety 1st 14cm extension for auto/simply close and flat step safety gate- white


In stock

Safety 1st Extension kit adds an additional 14 cm to the width of the gate, perfect for wider staircase and door openings and needed to install a Safety 1st pressure fit gate for openings wider than 80 cm

The 14 cm Extension is ideal for homes with wider door openings or staircases. The 14 cm Simply/Auto Close Extension can be used on the Safety 1st SecurTech® Simply/Auto Close/ Flat Step Metal Gates. This baby gate extension can be used alone or in combination with other extensions (7cm, 14cm or 28cm).

Warning: Read the instructions before installation as incorrect installation can be dangerous. Make sure that the wall, door frame or stair post to which you are fixing the gate is strong, rigid and has an even grease free surface.