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Safababy Cot Divider Sleeper


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Safababy Cot Divider Sleeper – Cot Length Reducer ideal for use with a new baby when using Feet to Foot.

Sleeping baby ‘feet to foot’ is the recommended position, this cot divider will allow baby to sleep at the top of the cot.

It is recommended to sleep baby with the feet at the foot of the bed, if the cot has open bars this could mean that baby’s feet push through the bars, causing baby to become disturbed.

The Safababy will divide the cot allowing baby to be placed at the top of the cot then the divider is placed over the bedding just below the baby’s feet, this will prevent baby from wriggling under the covers and possibly becoming overheated.

The Safababy is easily fitted, adjusting in width to fit all cots and cotbeds, it can be quickly removed to change the bedding, ( a security strap goes under the mattress to hold bedding in place) it can be easily repositioned lower down the cot as baby grows.

The Safababy can be used from birth until baby is pulling themselves upright.
With the Safababy on top of the blankets baby can not kick them off becoming chilled and waking in the night.

If you are expecting twins the Safababy can be used to divide a cot or preferably cotbed, to allow both twins to share the cot, but while still having their own space and maintaining the ‘feet to foot’ position. This can help with space if you are wishing to have the newborns in the parent’s bedroom for those first weeks.

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