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Philips Avent Powder Formula Dispenser


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Philips AVENT powder formula dispenser and snack cup lets you have pre-measured powdered milk or formula ready to go whenever baby needs to eat.

* A divided inner cup holds enough powdered milk or formula for three 9-ounce feeds.

* The lid’s spout lets you pour straight from the cup into a bottle for easy mixing.

* When baby no longer eats from a bottle, the inner piece can be removed to create a snack cup.

* The BPA free cup is microwave and dishwasher safe. * Holds three portions of powdered milk or formula.

* Helps you feed hungry baby while traveling. * Remove divided inner cup to use as a snack cup.

* BPA free for safer feeding Sterilize in a Philips AVENT sterilizer, a dishwasher or by boiling in hot water Included in the Box Philips AVENT powder formula dispenser and snack cup with outer cup, divided inner cup, and lid with spout.