Outlook Shade a Babe 2 in 1
Outlook Shade a Babe 2 in 1
Outlook Shade a Babe 2 in 1
Outlook Shade a Babe 2 in 1

Outlook Shade a Babe 2 in 1



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Shade a Babe 2 in 1  fits easily onto any buggy, stroller, car seat or carrycot, providing the perfect amount of shade that babies and toddlers need to be safe, cool and content in the sun. In fact, the UV protection is so good that it is the only product of its kind endorsed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation in Australia.

NEW SLEEP BLIND.  For naptime on the go, close the blackout blind to block light and distractions. Easy to peep through the sides of the blind blind to check on sleeping baby.

Your kids will see out perfectly through the special solar–screen™ mesh, so wake up happy after a snooze. The front panel opens completely then tucks away, giving you full and easy access to your child.

Simple, elasticated hooks mean the shade–a–babe can be popped on and off in seconds – it even folds into its own pouch to store.

Cleverly designed, three layers of UV protection fabric let air circulate freely and provide different levels of sun block where it’s needed most.

Universal – fits any 3 of 4 wheel stroller with single canopy, including front facing, rearfacing and travel system

Helps baby nap when you are in shops, restaurants or out for a walk

All-round protection from sun, glare, insect and wind

Provides a shaded sleep environment with the new black-out blind

Eye-shield screens 99% UV and glare, helping to prevent long term eye damage

Features easy-access zip panel that can be full opened

Perfect for snoozing babies as filters 75% of light

Suitable from birth to 4 years.

Packs into handy, built in storage pouch

Perfect for both winter and summer holidays, shade–a–babe gives protection from sun, glare, insects and wind.