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Nosiboo Eco Colibri Nozzle Nasal Aspirator


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Nosiboo Eco Colibri Nozzle Nasal Aspirator. The Colibri nozzle is a small mouth-operated nasal aspirator for children. Besides everyday use, it is also ideal for travelling because it comes with a compact and durable hard-shell box. Thanks to its patented filter-free design, it can be used absolutely hygienically and without reordering spare filters.

The Colibri nozzle can be dismantled in a few seconds and is very easy to clean. This prevents the mucus from sticking to the inner wall of the nozzle.

The user-friendly Colibri nozzle was developed under medical supervision. Special anatomical features of newborns and small children were taken into account throughout the development. The nose comes into contact with the BPA-free end-piece. It does not irritate the nasal mucous membrane. Suction power created by human respiration provides enough power and a secure use.

The Colibri nozzle can be used for cleaning the nose of children between 0 and 4 years.