Mummy Cooks 9 months + Weaning Set
Mummy Cooks 9 months + Weaning Set

Mummy Cooks 9 months + Weaning Set


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Mummy Cooks 9 months + weaning set by Mummy Cooks pots are perfect for batch cooking and safely storing meals; making meal times easier.

Our portion pots are perfect for a lot of different uses – from freezing food portions, to carrying snacks while you’re out and about.All our family sizes are stackable making the most of storage space both in your freezer and cupboard. They have the same size lids saving you time searching for the right fit.

20 x 6oz/180ml pots and lids

Safe for baby and family (BPA free and PVC free)

Reusable and durable

Freezer, Dishwasher and Microwave safe Snap-on lids ensure no spillage

Translucent pots and lids (so you can see the food!)

Note: This size is also perfect as a Sauce portion for two children i.e. Bolognese frozen without the spaghetti