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Swing Maxi Flex 2-Phase Double Electric Breast Pump


In stock

Medela Swing Maxi Flex 2-Phase Electric Breast Pump has revolutionised milk expression as we know it! The milk overflow protection (closed system) ensures milk does not flow to any other part of the pump.

At a glance

  • New PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield – a whole new pumping experience, personalised to you
  • Double pumping – for more milk with a higher energy content than expressing from each breast in turn
  • Medela 2-Phase Expression® technology – mimics babies’ sucking for a more natural pumping experience


More milk with higher energy content

Unlike a single pump, Medela Swing maxi pumps simultaneously from both breasts and allows you to express more milk with higher energy content. The Flex technology has shown to increase milk output by 11% than the standard pumps with an increase in milk drainage of 4%, leaving the breasts ready to make more milk!

2-Phase Expression technology

Thanks to Medela’s 2-Phase Expression technology the breast pump simulates your baby’s natural sucking behaviour at the breast and feels very comfortable to use. The 2-Phase Expression technology provides a short, quick sucking rhythm until your milk starts to flow and then it changes to a slow rhythm to express the milk. The simple up/ down buttons allow you to control the vacuum to reach your highest comfort level as this is when your milk will flow best.

Saving time and expressing more milk

The Medela Swing maxi combines the quality of the Medela Swing with a more powerful motor as it is made for double pumping. Compared to single pumping, double pumping can cut expression time in half and remove 18% more milk.

Shaped around you!

The Medela Swing Maxi Flex has revolutionised pumping as we know it. With a 105 degree angle, the new Swing Maxi Flex has a curved oval breast shield which contours to your breast to improve milk flow and helps eliminate the risk of blocked milk ducts. The soft rim allows for optimal comfort while expressing breastmilk. The Flex has exceeded all expectations for comfort, now allowing you to recline while pumping!

What is included:

1 x Swing Maxi motor unit
1 x mains adapter
2 x 150 ml bottle with lid
2 x bottle stand
2 x PersonalFit Flex™ connector

2 x PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield size 21 mm
2 x PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield size 24 mm
1 x IFU Swing Flex™/Swing maxi Flex™
1 x Quick Card

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