iCandy Peach Converter Adaptors 2018

iCandy Peach Converter Adaptors 2018



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iCandy Peach Converter Adaptors adapt your pushchair to suit your growing family

The unique converter adaptors now allow both seat units to be parent or world facing when in double/twin mode. This adds to the Peach’s specialism in encouraging interaction between you and your child.

Note: Suitable for the Peach (2018 +) 5,6,7 iCandy Peach Cerium and iCandy Peach All Terrain. Not suitable for any of the previous Peach models.


  • Transform your single Peach pushchair into a double pushchair
  • Innovative converter adaptors can be applied to the frame of the pushchair in just a couple of clicks
  • The adaptors allow for either two carrycots, two seats, or a combination of both a carrycot and seat unit to fit onto the existing pushchair frame
  • Complete the conversion with an additional seat or carrycot fabric (sold separately)