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Diono Radian 5 Dark Grey


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1Diono Radian 5 Black Mist

Family friendly, award-winning combination seat.

Multi-award winning since it entered the market in 2016, Radian 5 is rated among the top narrow car seats & recommended multi-stage seats for parents looking for extended rear facing. Slim profile combination car seats help parents maximize usage by transitioning from rear to forward facing with ease and stretching a single investment over a 10 year product lifespan.

Side Impact Protection

We’ve got your child’s safety covered. Radian 5 seats feature deep, aluminum reinforced sidewalls that extend straight forward and are lined with thick, energy absorbing foam. We performed rigorous side impact testing to achieve the proper size, shape and strength that best protects children from side impact forces.

Don’t sacrifice safety for fit

At just 45cm wide, radian 5 provides enhanced side impact protection with aluminum reinforced side walls and reinforced, adjustable head support while saving back seat space vs. some leading competitors. A few centimeters here or there might not sound like a lot, but it could make the difference between a secure 3 across installation or failure to fit all the seats your precious cargo needs.

  • Peace of mind: 5x safer with extended rear facing to 25kg.
  • Inner ingenuity: Lovingly engineered with a complete steel frame for increased resistance against crash forces.
  • Ready for every journey: The only car seat to offer rear and forward facing in a 5-point harness to 25kg.
  • Joy: Lots of extras like memory foam, cup holders, washable covers and a unique fold to make little ones and parents smile.
  • Reassurance: Complete confidence with a free 10 year life of seat warranty (registration required).

Extended Rear Facing Rear facing is 5x safer for younger children. Your precious cargo can remain rear facing in the Diono Radian 5 for approximately 7 years (up to 25kg). Unique Safe Stop attachment to absorb more crash forces

Longer harness use while forward facing Longer Forward Facing Harness Use You decide when it’s the right time to turn forward facing with Radian 5. Forward-facing 5-point harness capacity from 9kg up to 25kg. SuperGrip energy absorbing harness pads significantly reduce the impact of crash forces. Radian 5 car seat side impact protection

Side Impact Protection Full steel alloy frame creates the strongest car seat available. Your child is cocooned in comfort while the aluminum reinforced side walls and headrest provide complete head to hip protection.