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Cosatto Cumfi Kip Cot Bed Mattress 140 x 70cm

  • SKU:00016010100


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Cosatto Cumfi Kip Cot Bed Mattress 140 x 70cm

Luxury foam mattress

Let little one catch the snuggest shuteye with our luxury mattress friend Cumfi Kip. Cumfi is stuffed to bursting with squidgy polyester fibres. The big softy. We couldn’t fit one more cheeky Polly or Esther in. We all had to pile on top to sew it shut. A snoozy superstar, Cumfi is wrapped in a fresh, breathable cover. This clever jacket is water-resistant in case of little accidents. Non-toxic with no ozone-depleting materials, Comfi has Cosatto care credentials. Comfy to the mattress max, Cumfi is as Cumfi does.

Heads up…

When choosing your dollop of squidge be sure to order the correct size and make sure it fits your Cot or Cot Bed perfectly. Our mattresses are bursting with springy science and all bring different qualities to the snooze. They’re springy launchpads for missions and landing pads for snoozetime.