• Zazu Soft Toy Night Light MaxZazu Soft Toy Night Light Max

    Zazu Soft Toy Night Light Max


    Zazu Soft Toy Night Light Max the monkey is a soft toy with a removable light module inside its belly. This makes it easy to wash the plush animal. The light module shows a soft glow and can play 3 different melodies as well: lullabies, lounge music and nature sounds. You can adjust the volume…

  • ZAZU Music Box ZOE


    ZAZU Music Box Zoe the penguin is a sound machine, wireless speaker and nightlight in one. Zoe has 7 pre-set melodies such as heartbeat, white noise, nature sound, lounge and 3 soothing lullabies. Want to play something of your own? You can set the penguin in a wireless speaker mode and connect for example to…

  • ZAZU Musical Soft Toy DEXZAZU Musical Soft Toy DEX

    ZAZU Musical Soft Toy DEX


    ZAZU Musical Soft Toy Dex the dog is a musical soft toy comforter, that calms and soothes your newborn baby by playing 6 different pre-set relaxing sounds such as mimicking a mum’s heartbeat, white noise, nature sounds and 3 kind of lullabies. After 10 minutes the music shuts off automatically. Optionally, the cry sensor and/or…

  • ZAZU Portable Baby Soother SUZYZAZU Portable Baby Soother SUZY

    ZAZU Portable Baby Soother SUZY


    Zazu portable baby soother Suzy is a sound module with 6 different pre-set relaxing sounds such as mimicking a mum’s heartbeat, white noise, lounge music, ocean sounds, lullabies and shushing. Shushing is repeatedly playing SSHHH… SSHHH… and is a doctor proven technique to stop babies from crying. After 20 minutes Suzy automatically shuts off. Select…

  • Zazu Peek-A-Boo Soft Toy DogZazu Peek-A-Boo Soft Toy Dog

    Zazu Peek-A-Boo Soft Toy Danny


    Zazu Peek-A-Boo Soft Toy, press the left foot Danny will sing the song ‘Do your ears hang low’ and flap his ears on the rhythm. Press the right foot Danny will start playing the Peek-a-Boo game by covering his eyes with his ears and saying: ‘Where are you…? Peek-aBoo, I see you’.