• Dooky Hoody Blue StarsDooky Hoody Blue Stars

    Dooky Hoody Blue Stars


    Dooky Hoody is a universal hood that fits car seats group 0+. Universal fitting almost every brand and model. Dooky Hoody creates a peaceful and quiet space for your baby and makes your car seat look fashionable and fresh. It shelters your baby from light, wind, sun, UV-radiation, sound, light rain and other surrounding influences,…

  • Dooky Large Footmuff Blue TribalDooky Large Footmuff Blue Tribal

    Dooky Large Footmuff Blue Tribal


    Dooky Large Footmuff will keep your little ones warm and comfortable during colder periods of the year. With a fully detachable front the footmuff can stay in your pram or stroller without having to remove the whole thing. They are designed for comfort with a super soft lining and a water and wind resistant exterior….

  • Dooky Carrier


    Dooky Carrier can comfortably take your little egg avoiding pain in his arm. The design distributes weight evenly behind his back and shoulder.