Baby Art My Baby Touch - Double White Frame

Baby Art My Baby Touch – Double White Frame


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Baby Art My Baby Touch

Double print frame

Create a personalised print frame of your baby’s hand or footprint. Baby Art My Baby Touch is a complete kit with all material included. The clay material is easy to use and dermatologically tested to be safe for the baby’s skin. Multiple attempts can be made before the clay sets.

  • Quick and easy, no baking required
  • All material included in the kit
  • Dermatologically tested for baby’s skin
  • Many trials allowed before drying

Baby Art

What parent, full of wonder, could fail to admire their baby’s little hands and feet? The story of Baby Art began with the love story of a father for his daughter, who wanted to share his joy. He came up with a personal gift that took shape of a molded product.

Baby Art offers a range of personalised and creative baby souvenirs. The moulded products are suitable for babies and toddlers. Whether a birth gift or a personal souvenir, with Baby Art you create precious memories to share with the baby.


Step 1

Warm up the modeling clay using your hands for 30 seconds.

Step 2

Roll out onto a flat surface, keeping the clay even and flat.

Step 3

Place baby’s hand or foot into the clay and press down firmly.

Step 4

Cut the clay to form a rectangle and allow it to dry and set fully.