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5 Point Plus Car Seat Anti Escape System 2.5-4 years


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5 Point Plus Car Seat Anti Escape System for 2.5 to 4 years is designed to keep you little ones safely in their harness for the full duration of your journey.

Standard five point harness of child’s car seat harnesses have a design flaw when used in the environment of children, there is a gap immediately above the red release button that enables a child to slide their hands easily through and remove their shoulders. Children exploit the gap between their torso and harness to leverage their way out of a car seat.

The “5 point plus”, simply shields the gaps through which children escape from their car seat harness. So even when children pull in their stomach to create more room between harness and body to enable slipping the harness of their shoulders, it is still not possible to escape! The perfect restraint for your adventurous little one. 

  2½ – 4 years old     Greater than 31cm